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  • SATURDAY, August 19

    We’re moving into our problem-plagued house, I had a fender bender, my secretary resigned, our dog got sick, I stepped on a rusty nail while barefoot, and the expensive coffee maker I bought for my wife as a move-in present broke on its first use. Together, these issues have taken the wind out of ....
  • FRIDAY, August 18

    In June 2011 I started a bicycle trip around the country. I spent one year without flying or driving, to discover how Christians were—or were not—responding to climate change. I called this trip a Carbon Sabbath.

    On my second night, I bicycled through Oxnard and Vent....

  • THURSDAY, August 17

    I came into clergy life through the backdoor. I was working as a musician, and a good friend invited me to play mandolin at a church in a jazz venue. The community I found in that jazz venue changed my life, leading me to seminary and eventually to ordination as an Episcopal priest.


  • WEDNESDAY, August 16

    In various parts of the Spanish-speaking world, a parent will occasionally use the formal second person “usted” with their own children. Usually, this happens when a child has done something wrong. In this passage, David pulls out “usted.” He has been convinced to spare his son Absalom, but ....
  • TUESDAY, August 15      Saint Mary the Virgin

    For years, I thought the Beatles’ song “Let It Be” was an anthem of passive acceptance. My theory seemed affirmed by the song’s vague and innocuous references to the Virgin Mary and its implications that God favors those who don’t buck the system. But give this song another listen. This is....
  • MONDAY, August 14

    A few years ago, a friend’s wife was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer—typically a death sentence. But she made a miraculous, full recovery.

    Today a parishioner with a similar diagnosis begins hospice care. This woman is loving, courageous, and gentle, and sh....

  • SUNDAY, August 13      10 Pentecost

    As a surfer, I have recently learned the art of long boarding—riding very big boards in small surf. For traditional long boarders, the apex of the sport is nose riding. To ride the nose, a surfer positions the board in the steepest part of the wave and then walks to the very front of the board.
  • SATURDAY, August 12

    I am in the process of moving my wife and our two young children from a city where we have friends, jobs, and resources to a place where we are unknown. We discovered that the new home we struggled to purchase required major remodeling. While we await the completion of this work, we are renting a ho....
  • FRIDAY, August 11

    I’m somewhere in there—somewhere in that crowd that Jesus finds arguing. I am trying to help, but I end up confused. Most of the time, I am nameless in the crowd. Occasionally, I am a father in desperate need. My roles shift steadily, but Jesus’ role remains the same.

  • THURSDAY, August 10

    I have never witnessed anything quite like the beating the sons of Sceva receive in our reading from Acts. I have never come across “itinerant Jewish exorcists.” No one close to me depends on the relics of a saint, and I don’t know anyone who has been healed by a handkerchief.


  • WEDNESDAY, August 9

    David longs to express his love for Jonathan by reaching out to someone from his deceased friend’s family. The only one remaining is Mephibosheth—a crippled, marginalized son who is living in a forgotten place. Of course, David welcomes him.

    There is something essenti....

  • TUESDAY, August 8

    Occasionally when I read this passage from Mark, I think that Jesus might have messed up the healing. But this miraculous event is much more true to life for me than many of the other healing stories reported in the gospels. Healing is a process. It takes time, and it changes your perspective.

  • MONDAY, August 7

    During my senior year in college, I found myself in an unlikely setting. After a morning of snow skiing with my girlfriend’s family, we sat down for lunch at an exclusive club on top of the mountain. At our table were two senators, a real estate tycoon, a manufacturing mogul, a department store ow....
  • SUNDAY, August 6      The Feast of the Transfiguration

    One night when I was seven years old, my dad drove me out into the countryside to view Halley’s Comet. It was very late, and I struggled to stay awake. But the view of the comet through the telescope tore the veil in my earth-bound mind and helped me re-imagine my place in the universe.

  • SATURDAY, August 5

    For me, the pinnacle of Paul’s apologetic gymnastics is his reference to the inscription, “To an unknown god.” The Athenians might have been simply covering their bases, but their mysterious ambiguity inspired John Steinbeck to write his novel To A God Unknown. While the novel’s the....
  • FRIDAY, August 4

    I recently watched a documentary called Human, featuring sweeping shots of landscapes, animals, and a variety of cultural practices from all over the world. Human is punctuated with interviews of all sorts of people, filmed in front of a black screen and divided into particular the....
  • THURSDAY, August 3

    When I was a junior in high school, I got really excited about fly-fishing. I learned to tie my own flies and made my own rod. I wanted to be a good fisherman. I wanted to prove that I could do it—but some days, I would fish for hours and catch nothing. On those bad days, I would yell at myself a....
  • WEDNESDAY, August 2

    When I honk in traffic or gossip about a friend, I feel the blade of Joab. It’s with me when my wife says something that hurts me and when my child throws food on the floor.

    Not a day passes that I don’t feel it—the subtle chill of metal against my skin. Occasional....

  • TUESDAY, August 1

    In Mark’s account of the feeding of 5,000, the apostles have just returned from an incredible adventure. Out on their own with minimal supplies, they cured the sick, cast out demons, and spread the good news to strangers. However, when they reunite with Jesus, the apostles are suddenly incapable o....
  • MONDAY, July 31

    Bound—we have so many meanings for this word—some good and some not so good. I’m bound to God through a relationship and covenant, just as I am bound to my husband. We’re bound to student loans. My friend is wheelchair-bound. I’m bound for the track or the trail at some point today.



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