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  • SUNDAY, May 1      Easter 6

    The world gives plenty of advice when our hearts are troubled, not all of it helpful.

    Life is hard. People we love hurt us. Grief appears in our lives. The brutalities of inequality weigh upon us. We feel lost, alone, even abandoned. And all of these troubles change us.

  • SATURDAY, April 30

    I like to think of myself as nonjudgmental, when actually, it is only that I have a discipline of returning to nonjudgment when I notice just how judgmental I actually am.

    Sitting in a coffee shop, I am surrounded by children of God. They’ve grown old and hardened. Pla....

  • FRIDAY, April 29

    Sometimes words creep into conversations that seem to come from somewhere else. Once, after a lot of travel, I told a friend, “I need to go let my soul catch up with my body.” That moment of insight comes back again and again when I am doing too much.

    I am grateful t....

  • THURSDAY, April 28

    I’ve been hanging around the church just long enough to collect a good number of spiritual fathers and mothers, beginning with my biological parents and sisters and extending to other spiritual mentors. Every so often they let me know in some way that they are proud of me. Not that I’ve necessar....
  • WEDNESDAY, April 27

    I have always enjoyed preparing and serving food to dinner guests. Sometimes I am the one who calls in a pizza order, and that’s the extent of my “preparing.” When I am able to serve food that I’ve grown in my garden, the experience is exponentially richer. I am more invested in the process ....
  • TUESDAY, April 26

    As a writer, I put a high value on words. So this reminder always causes me to pause and reflect. What balances my love of words is my lifelong journey of learning to pray with silence. Stopping, sitting, letting go of control and simply resting in God’s presence.

    My m....

  • MONDAY, April 25      Saint Mark

    I don’t actually know anything about your feet, but I know they are beautiful, because you are sitting down to read this booklet. That’s not to say anything about what I’m writing; it’s about you giving time to be with God, and this booklet happens to be a tool for giving a portion of your t....
  • SUNDAY, April 24      Easter 5

    “Why do you play that satanic music?” That’s how a woman in my hometown described the punk rock my band played when I was in high school. The woman did not understand punk any more than the church in Jerusalem understood the “uncircumcised,” so she called it (and us) satanic.

  • SATURDAY, April 23

    One of the first things I ever built as an adult was a little altar. It was just big enough to sit at cross-legged. I kept a prayer book, my journal, and a Bible near it and hung a cross on the wall above it; it was my sacred space.

    Consider all the dedicated spaces you ....

  • FRIDAY, April 22

    Reflecting on the 100-year anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, I wrote a song inviting my own transformation. My hope is that as a witness to one bird’s extinction, I might be life-giving for God’s good creation.

    Another bird in my song is the peli....

  • THURSDAY, April 21

    My son was playing in and around a small kiddie pool on a summer day with a friend. They had already made up a couple of games involving toy dinosaurs and helicopters and were struggling to work out some rules for the next game.

    That’s when my son hopped up and announc....

  • WEDNESDAY, April 20

    In the conversations I have with Saint Paul in my head, I ask him why he didn’t write, “Especially our own selves” instead of “but also.” Fear of sounding arrogant, I presume.

    What is the gospel, though, unless it seeps from the cracked places of our own lives?....

  • TUESDAY, April 19

    Most weeks, in our day school chapel, I sing “This little light of mine” with our preschool students. Their absolute favorite verse asks, “Hide it under a bushel?” as we mime a bushel with one cupped hand slowly descending over the pointer-finger candle of the other hand. Then at the last mi....
  • MONDAY, April 18

    In many parts of our world, hierarchical systems are slowly but surely falling away, some of them dying ugly and drawn-out deaths. Rising from those ash heaps, here and there, are ways of living that look much more like the kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed, where the voices of the least are valu....
  • SUNDAY, April 17      Easter 4

    I have been a priest for eight years, and my uncertainty is still a central, life-giving element in my faith life. There are times when I long for Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit to tell me plainly the things I will not understand. There are times when the ambivalence of life seems crushing. Then ab....
  • SATURDAY, April 16

    In the gospel stories, Jesus spends a lot of time out in the world. He is not sitting with the scribes and priests in the temple, waiting for God or for people to come to him. He is out in the boundless temple of God’s creation, initiating others into the presence of the kingdom of God.

  • FRIDAY, April 15

    How timely these words must have sounded in Isaiah’s time, then to Jesus’ friends and followers. What a timely statement for each of us as we spend time in darkness, then experience the dawning of light-beyond-death.

    In 2008, Hurricane Ike produced all sorts of damag....

  • THURSDAY, April 14

    It’s a little frightening how many people believe that they have a good handle on this commandment from Exodus; we believe we have this one nipped in the bud. We lean on dogmatic statements about our monotheistic/Trinitarian God on Sundays, and then we venture into our week, pulled in a thousand d....
  • WEDNESDAY, April 13

    Each morning I wake up and have my prayer time… except for the mornings that I don’t. My prayer time doesn’t always feel holy. Sometimes I am so tired that I find myself rereading the same line. I find myself rereading the same line. (That was a test to see if you are having the same trouble t....
  • TUESDAY, April 12

    For years, I understood this line from Matthew as a warning from Jesus to the Pharisees: “if you aren’t living the God-filled life of God’s children, then God will find others.” Now, in this spring season, I am aware of the reality that God has raised all of us children from the stones.




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