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  • FRIDAY, April 24

    The psalms are frequently divided into different categories. For example, some are classified as psalms of thanksgiving, others are royal psalms or psalms of lament. Psalm 105 is called a salvation history psalm. In it, the psalmist recalls and recites all the marvelous things that God has done for ....
  • THURSDAY, April 23

    Yesterday we heard of a disembodied hand writing on the palace wall. Today, Daniel is called in to put to work his dream interpretation skills. He reminds King Belshazzar of his father Nebuchadnezzar’s sins, and then pronounces judgment on King Belshazzar himself. The king dies that day.

  • WEDNESDAY, April 22

    The Prayers of the People often have a pause, inviting worshipers to make personal petitions aloud. At my church, one man speaks up every Sunday, saying, “We pray for the President and Congress of the United States, that they may set aside their personal differences, and work for the good of all.....
  • TUESDAY, April 21

    “They’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love…” Like many of you, I sang this refrain often in youth group and at church camp.

    Sometimes I think we make the Christian faith too hard. We study theology, and we debate doctrines. We build buildings. We argu....

  • MONDAY, April 20

    For several years, my family participated in the program “2 Cents a Meal.” We had a small paper bag in the middle of our table, and each of us put two cents in it for every meal. As we placed our coins in the bag, one family member would say: “Let not the needy, O Lord, be forgotten,” to whi....
  • SUNDAY, April 19   3 Easter

    As part of my preparation for confirmation in the seventh grade, we went on a weekend retreat. One night, we all sat in the attic of a big barn and watched a movie: Pasolini’s The Gospel of Matthew. The film was in black and white, in Italian with English subtitles. I don’t remember a lot about ....
  • SATURDAY, April 18

    In recent readings from the book of Daniel, we’ve heard how King Nebuchadnezzar ordered all the people to worship a golden statue. Faithful to their God, the three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, refused. This enraged the king, who had them thrown into a fiery furnace. Through divine interve....
  • FRIDAY, April 17

    As part of his weekly children’s sermon, a priest colleague likes to teach the children songs, changing the lyrics to classic rock tunes. One of these was the Beatles’ “All you need is love” to which he sings the refrain. “All you need is God’s love. God’s love is all you need.”

  • THURSDAY, April 16

    How are we to live in light of the Resurrection? What should we do?

    Beginning today, our gospel readings jump back to Luke and the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. This might seem a little out of sync, considering the fact

    that we are still in the midst....

  • WEDNESDAY, April 15

    I, for one, love the world. Little gives me more joy and consolation than watching a sunrise or watching something grow in my garden. I love creation. The people whom God has given me to share life? They are part of this world—and I love them too.

    That, in my mind, is p....

  • TUESDAY, April 14

    I am frequently saying “Turn it off!” to my teenagers, who are busy on their cellphones. Sometimes I feel like a spoilsport or a nag.

    Today Jesus continues to pray for his beloved disciples. He recognizes that he will be leaving them behind in the world, yet they do n....

  • MONDAY, April 13

    I am frequently saying “Turn it off!” to my teenagers, who are busy on their cellphones. Sometimes I feel like a spoilsport or a nag.

    Today Jesus continues to pray for his beloved disciples. He recognizes that he will be leaving them behind in the world, yet they do n....

  • SUNDAY, April 12   2 Easter

    We hear this gospel every year. The first scene takes place on the day of Resurrection, Jesus appearing to the disciples locked behind closed doors. Thomas was absent, and he found it hard to believe. The second part is a week later. Jesus appears again. This time Thomas is able to see Jesus and no ....
  • SATURDAY, April 11   Saturday in Easter Week

    You’ve probably heard before that these verses from the Gospel of Mark are disputed. That is, most Bible scholars agree that they were not part of the original gospel. Verses 9 through 20 are believed to have been added by later editors.

    If this is true, the gospel ends....

  • FRIDAY, April 10   Friday in Easter Week

    Many biblical scholars say that Psalm 118 was a thanksgiving psalm sung in the context of ancient Israel’s worship. As the voice of God’s people, the psalmist gives thanks to God, who—despite apparent rejection and defeat—delivered them, first from slavery in Egypt, then from exile in Babylo....
  • THURSDAY, April 9   Thursday in Easter Week

    Peter and John have just healed a man who was lame since birth. The people see the man walking and leaping, and they look at Peter and John with amazement. Peter quickly tells them that they didn’t heal the man. It was the power of God.

    I often find myself driven to chan....

  • WEDNESDAY, April 8   Wednesday in Easter Week

    My husband and I both take Fridays off. It is our sabbath. Weather permitting, we often take a long walk or a hike. It’s a nice way to unwind after a busy week. There’s something about the rhythm of walking that can be healing and restorative. Sometimes we talk, catching up on our lives. Other t....
  • TUESDAY, April 7   Tuesday in Easter Week

    While gazing at the crucifix in the church of San Damiano, Saint Francis of Assisi saw and heard Jesus speaking from the cross. Jesus said to him, “Rebuild my church.”

    I wish Jesus spoke as directly to me! I often wonder what it is that God wants me to do. I have the o....

  • MONDAY, April 6   Monday in Easter Week

    My first introduction to the word “witness” was watching reruns of The Perry Mason Show on TV. At some point in every episode there was a trial, and witnesses would be brought up to the stand. They swore on the Bible, “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

  • SUNDAY, April 5   Easter Day

    I wonder how Mary felt when she recognized the risen Christ. Did her heart skip a beat? Did she feel butterflies in her stomach? After all the grief, she must have physically felt the joy overtaking her. New hope! A new lease on life!

    In his famous poem “The Wreck of the....



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