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  • SATURDAY, August 18

    Illness can sometimes arrive like a slow-moving rainstorm. Many mental health problems sneak up like a rainstorm that might let up for a while but never seems to completely move on. And then rain comes down in buckets, soaking everyone involved.

    The man from today’s reading has been ....

  • FRIDAY, August 17

    I recently turned 46 years old and am starting to feel my age. I’ve started to worry about my future. What more can I accomplish in the years left? Sometimes, I wonder if my best years are behind me. While we may be tempted to think our best days are past, God always has other plans.


  • THURSDAY, August 16

    Struggling to pray sometimes—or not knowing where to begin—is a familiar experience. I have found that thanksgiving is a great place to start when I struggle in my prayer life. Reflecting on the blessings that God has given me can be like following a bread-crumb trail back to the source of those....
  • WEDNESDAY, August 15      Saint Mary, the Virgin

    Jesus did not descend into our world clean and untouched through a puffy divine cloud. No, God sends our redeemer into the world the same way you and I entered it. Jesus is “born of a woman.” 

    I often fall into the trap of minimizing my service to God. In my work as a psychotherapi....

  • TUESDAY, August 14

    Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that causes incredible pain and often the kind of stress that can destroy otherwise strong relationships. If you have ever struggled with infertility or are close to someone who has, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    If being a parent is....

  • MONDAY, August 13

    When I was in my teens, I developed a painful and embarrassing skin infection that eventually engulfed my entire face. One day I woke up with what seemed like badly chapped lips, and then my entire face was covered in ugly sores. I had to drop out of school for a while. This would be tough for anyon....
  • SUNDAY, August 12     12 Pentecost

    From both personal and professional experiences, I can testify that grief is one of the core struggles of being human. Losing someone we love breaks us in unique and painful ways. Broken was how I felt when my father died, and broken is how many of my clients have described their processes of grief ....
  • SATURDAY, August 11

    Sometime in 1978, Bob Dylan picked up a silver cross that had been tossed on stage during a concert. This small act eventually led Dylan to a very public conversion to Christianity—and a couple of albums with decidedly gospel-driven themes.

    Dylan seemed to grasp that his gift to creat....

  • FRIDAY, August 10

    While I like to consider myself an educated and sophisticated Christian, I’ve noticed something about my Christian role models: They are ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

    Take Ernie, who is in his eighties. No one would blame him for slipping into a quiet retirement. But ins....

  • THURSDAY, August 9

    When I was growing up in the early 1980s, many parent-types were concerned about the influence rock musician Prince was having on teenagers. With his provocative clothing and the explicit lyrics of his songs, people asked if anything good could come out of this strange young man from Minneapolis. <....
  • WEDNESDAY, August 8 

    What do you think is the greatest gift you’ll leave behind? Will you leave a legacy of children, financial gifts that will bless others, or works or ideas that will shape future generations? 

    Peter reminds the crowd that they are indeed inheritors of great blessings from both God and....

  • TUESDAY, August 7

    Whenever I do something, I try to ask myself: “How do I want to change the world?” In writing today’s reflection, I want you to fully embrace the power you have through Jesus Christ.

    For many years, I had a hard time with the miracles in the Bible. The well-educated part of me sco....

  • MONDAY, August 6     The Transfiguration

    In today’s reading, Peter writes that the Lord has revealed the knowledge of his forthcoming death to him. I read Peter’s knowledge of his coming death as one of the greatest of God’s many, many mercies.

    The Ash Wednesday liturgy is one of my favorite Christian rituals. Hey,

  • SUNDAY, August 5      11 Pentecost

    Today’s psalm describes chronic sin, which is something that I think most people of faith struggle against (and perhaps with). We want to believe that being a person of faith means we live mostly sin-free lives. We lie to ourselves that our sins are always minor and short-lived.

    The v....

  • SATURDAY, August 4

    In today’s reading from Matthew, the guards posted to watch Jesus’ tomb go to the chief priests and report the resurrection. The chief priests, threatened and probably scared by this knowledge, pay the guards a bribe to say that Jesus’ disciples stole his body.

    I have never consid....

  • FRIDAY, August 3

    I’ve worked as a psychotherapist for many years, so I think I’ve become something of an authority regarding insults and slights. Words do indeed hurt people.

    Many people have sat with me over the years and recounted words spoken years and years ago that still hurt. Remembering these....

  • THURSDAY, August 2

    When a clearly mentally ill man visited my church, many of us were afraid to approach him. A woman named Verglea took his hand and brought him up to the communion rail. Verglea and others like her are the spiritual descendants of the women in today’s gospel. 

    We should never forget t....

  • WEDNESDAY, August 1

    Oops…they did it again. The Israelites, whom God has hand-selected, seem to excel at screwing up. They do it again and again. Sound like any folks you know?

    This certainly sounds like me. I know I’ve disappointed my family on many occasions. I want to do what’s right and good, but....

  • TUESDAY July 31

    Several students in our campus ministry held signs proclaiming, “God Is Love, Not Fear” and “Give Love a Chance.” 

    The students were there to face the fury of the fire-and-brimstone preacher who visits our campus several times a year. His usual spiel: “You’re wearing shorts....

  • MONDAY July 30

    Whether it’s slavery or war or bullying in school or sexual harassment, no one likes to say, “I did it.” Embarrassed, we don’t want to own the fact that our actions—or lack thereof—might have created a situation in which people have been psychologically or physically injured. Our egos ju....



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