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  • WEDNESDAY, August 27

    We derived a lot of joy from watching our boys play soccer, but soccer games on Sunday morning posed a dilemma for us as a clergy family. Our initial solution was to get the soccer player up for early church and have him dressed and ready to go. The minute church was over, his mot....

  • TUESDAY, August 26

    My grandmother made a quilt for each of her children and grandchildren. Sadly, mine was so well-used that it survives only in scraps. I do have the quilt she made for my mother when she was a baby, with my mother’s name stitched in near the top. It hung on our wall until quite r....

  • MONDAY, August 25    Saint Bartholomew (tr)

    Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell the story of Jesus in quite similar ways. The story about the dispute over which among the disciples was the greatest is an example. The details are much the same. Luke’s version has one interesting difference.

  • SUNDAY, August 24    11 Pentecost

    Binding is not always a negative thing. Bindings, for one thing, hold together the pages of a book. And as was much on my mind last summer with my son’s wedding, human beings choose to bind themselves to each other through vows. As I watched a priest wrap a stole around Andy and....

  • SATURDAY, August 23

    God is not so grand that he does not work with individuals. There’s the story of Saul, to be renamed Paul, whom God made blind so that he might see.

    But God is not so small, either, that individuals are the end o....

  • FRIDAY, August 22

    Remembering Grandmother’s biscuits makes me smile to this day. They were best hot out of the oven when you could watch the butter melt the instant it hit the fluffy bread.

    As a young child, I only thought about t....

  • THURSDAY, August 21

    My family’s annual summer migration from New Jersey to Georgia took place before there were interstate highways. I remember the billboards that were prevalent along the roads. They disrupted the view but suggested adventure ahead and kept a small boy interested.

    WEDNESDAY, August 20

    Tabgha sits on the northwest side of the Sea of Galilee. Tradition recognizes it as the site of the feeding of the five thousand with five loaves and two fish, which a boy in the crowd happened to bring along with him, perhaps to sell.

  • TUESDAY, August 19

    My grandfather would amaze his grandchildren by pulling quarters out of our ears. We particularly liked that he let us keep the quarter.

    Being amazed can be good when a grandfather entertains his grandchildren. It ....

  • MONDAY, August 18

    Just as I was about to leave for college, a teacher gave me a framed copy of a poem by Rudyard Kipling, “If.” A lot of its wisdom has taken these many years to sink in. A lot of it is only sinking in now.

    The p....

  • SUNDAY, August 17    10 Pentecost

    This is one of my favorite stories in the gospels.

    It begins with presenting Jesus other than sweet and nice. A Gentile woman came to him asking for help for her daughter. Jesus called her a dog. Jesus was not alw....

  • SATURDAY, August 16

    Both my grandmothers broke their hips later in life.

    One recovered fully. She progressed from a walker to a cane. Eventually she returned to her life, working in her shop, driving her car, and living alone.

  • FRIDAY, August 15    Saint Mary the Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ

    We have two adopted sons. It is from them, and from their mother, that I have learned anything I might know about love.

    One day, one of our boys wanted to jump off the roof, from which he was sure he could fly. I....

  • THURSDAY, August 14

    The hard part about giving a wedding, I learned from my son’s recent wedding, is cutting down the guest list. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. On the other hand, there are some legitimate limitations. You just have to do your best and make some difficult choices.

  • WEDNESDAY, August 13

    Stephen had been arrested on trumped-up charges, had been brought to trial, and was about to become the first Christian martyr. We imagine him sitting quietly with a sweet smile on his serene face, which is somehow what we imagine angels to look like. I don’t know why. When the ....

  • TUESDAY, August 12

    The day my best friend got married was both happy and a little sad. It made me happy that he was happy, but I also knew something big was about to change. John the Baptist was right. He must increase, and I must decrease. Love makes room for others.

  • MONDAY, August 11

    In recent readings from Acts, we’ve heard how the community of believers had no private property, shared all things in common, provided for all based on need rather than merit, and were accustomed to finding themselves in jail. Telling the people the whole message about this lif....

  • SUNDAY, August 10    9 Pentecost

    It is cliché to speak of something that is “out of the box.” Perhaps we should replace the metaphor with “out of the boat.” That’s what Peter did. He got out of the boat and walked across the water toward Jesus.

    SATURDAY, August 9

    I attribute this lesson to my wife in the early days of our marriage. It may actually have come from somewhere else. It is this: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Married life is about learning its truth.

  • FRIDAY, August 8

    I had never been intimately involved in giving a wedding until my son got married last summer. Suddenly the mother of Jesus made a lot more sense to me.

    There were guest lists to be made, reservations to be taken, ....



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