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  • FRIDAY, May 26

    News of shootings, terrorism, and tragedies can make us feel as though the world has turned upside down. These events all feel like they are happening in our backyards, even when they are taking place a world away. When these events occur, we hear a steady litany of anger, sadness, and confusion.
  • THURSDAY, May 25     Ascension Day

    At the tender age of 18, I traveled with my mother 3,500 miles from our home in Alaska to Arkansas. I was headed out on a great adventure to begin college. I was also leaving behind a boy I loved. I knew no one at my college. I was thousands of miles away from everything and everyone I loved most.
  • WEDNESDAY, May 24

    Sometimes I act as if I consider God merely tolerant of me—like a grumpy, long-suffering adult who tolerates the presence of children in Sunday morning services out of a sense of obligation rather than love and delight. I imagine that I see and feel God’s disappointment at my every turn, so I se....
  • TUESDAY, May 23

    Dinner parties are my favorite kind to throw. I love to set a table, to gather people, new and old, around me, to feed them good food and to serve good wine—to make a space where we can lean in on our elbows, deep in conversation, and throw our heads back in raucous laughter.

  • MONDAY, May 22

    The dream to own a small hobby farm came to us on an ordinary night while I read out loud a book by a woman named Phyllis Tickle. Ten years later, our dream is coming true. But like all dreams, it isn’t exactly like I imagined. And the way by which we arrived here? That too was an unexpected, long....
  • SUNDAY, May 21      Easter 6

    I’m not sure that I have ever heard the words gentleness and reverence used in regard to building a defense except for this passage. Have you? In a world where information and opinions flood our inboxes and social media channels, gentleness and reverence have been long forgotten, thrown aside in f....
  • SATURDAY, May 20

    I love the phrase “abound in hope,” especially the active imagery of the word abound. I spend a lot of time with kids—my own and those in my church—and I see a lot of bounding up stairs, down stairs, across fields, on trampolines, in swimming pools, out of cars, and into chairs. Children oft....
  • FRIDAY, May 19

    I had a college professor who would often say, “Guilt is a useless emotion.” At first, I took issue with his view. As a young adult woman at a Christian university, I knew guilt and its uses all too well.

    Guilt was the thing that my friends and I confessed to each ot....

  • THURSDAY, May 18

    On the Saturday my parents’ home was being destroyed by a tornado, I waited anxiously in another town. Once word reached us that my parents and my other siblings were safe, I headed to the store to buy supplies to take to them the next day.

    I bought all the usual thing....

  • WEDNESDAY, May 17

    Using two riding lawn mowers and a tractor pulling the bush hog, my husband and our two boys can knock out mowing our entire property in one day if they diligently stay at it, from morning till evening. Mowing days are particularly exhausting during the summer, when the sun relentlessly threatens to....
  • TUESDAY, May 16

    I think of my friend Mark and his tattoo of this psalm. This verse also reminds me of my friend Aaron’s work with our homeless neighbors. I think of Christy and Sarah, and the three foster siblings they welcomed into their home. I see my other friend Kelly adopting a 17-year-old.

  • MONDAY, May 15

    I should always have this verse from Colossians in front of me. I want to remember that life works so much better when I act from a place of love and gratefulness rather than competition and comparison.

    My friend Shauna recently coined the motto “More Love, Less Hustle....

  • SUNDAY, May 14      Easter 5

    I attended a retreat for priests who were feeling burned out and worn down. The front half of the retreat center was an old historic mansion set back from the road, hidden in a grove of trees. It was January, and a thick, white coating of snow covered the ground.

    As we s....

  • SATURDAY, May 13

    Once upon a time, there was a dad who was worn out by his daughters’ constant bickering. He grabbed one of his undershirts, wrote I LOVE MY SISTER in giant letters with a marker on the front and back. He made his daughters wear the shirt together, on the front porch, in front of God and everybody ....
  • FRIDAY, May 12

    Every family has a shorthand language—phrases and words that give deeper meaning to the stories and jokes that make up family lore. As soon as she could talk, my baby sister Judea was adding her own phrases into our family lexicon, including my personal favorites: “I hold my own hand” and “M....
  • THURSDAY, May 11

    We worked hard to prune three mature trees next to our house. One has fruit, one has leaves but no fruit, and one is completely bare. I cannot say whether or not any of our trees started out as “bad trees” or “good trees,” but I can say that they have all suffered neglect. For nearly a decad....
  • WEDNESDAY, May 10

    My husband and I had a small argument on the way home from an overnight excursion that, due to a series of unfortunate events, had not gone as planned. We were tired, cranky, and disappointed. Arriving at the heart of the problem, I suddenly declared, “There is no goodwill bank!” There were no c....
  • TUESDAY, May 9

    I remember when I began to really understand that I could hold two separate ideas, beliefs, or truths in the same hand. I both adored and struggled with motherhood, loved and resented my husband. I respected and questioned the leadership in my church. I was a believer, and I also doubted.

  • MONDAY, May 8

    I came of age in a faith culture that threw around the language of intercessory prayer like beads at Mardi Gras—gratuitously and without a whole lot of direct intention. This practice was well-meaning but routinized.

    Growing up, it was hard to know if anyone was actual....

  • SUNDAY, May 7      Easter 4

    These words from Acts are some of my favorite bits of scripture because God meets me most often around the table. Since I was a child, God has met me—and continues to meet me—around dinner tables, in breakfast nooks, at lunch counters, and at the altar. God shows up in conversations, food, laugh....



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