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August, September, October 2017

Dear friends in Christ,

There’s something about Mary. On August 15 every year, the church remembers Mary, the mother of Jesus. When we start talking about Mary, people are quick to dive into their favorite theological trenches. She’s just a person, some say. She’s the most important human to ever live, others say. While some people find comfort by invoking Mary in their prayers, others find the idea offensive.

From the earliest times, Christians held Mary in high esteem. The Protestant Reformation was keen to put every human on equal footing before God. So there’s precedent for nearly any position we might take. I wonder if we can find common ground today.

It seems to me that Mary is the model par excellence of a strong woman. No meek soul, she bravely said yes to God’s invitation to take her part in the birth of our savior. The ancient church called Mary Theotokos, Greek for God-bearer. Surely, we can find agreement in affirming both her biblical witness and her experience of bearing Jesus into the world.

However you pray, whatever your devotion to Mary, I encourage you to ponder in your heart the strength, the courage, and the witness of Mary.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn
Executive Director



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