Daily Prayer: a resource of Forward Movement

May, June, July 2017

Dear friends in Christ,

The Day of Pentecost comes along about this time every year. As we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ followers, many congregations bring out the balloons or encourage everyone to wear red. I’m always leery of the red clothing, because I’m worried about the precedent: Should I wear green for 25 weeks starting in the summer? Jokes aside, we tend to view Pentecost Sunday as a creative moment. Creativity is fantastic, but I wonder if we’re unconsciously distracting ourselves from the power of the Holy Spirit? If balloons help us focus on the story, great! If they distract us, maybe we should save them for coffee hour.

Read the first few chapters of the Book of Acts. The Holy Spirit is the star of the show. The power of the Spirit unleashed, to be honest, is pretty terrifying. There’s no telling what we will be led to do. The Spirit has no concern for our comfort zones or preferences for the familiar.

This Pentecost, I invite you to do whatever it takes to open your life to the power of the Spirit. While that might be scary, the good news here is that the same Spirit will abide with us to give us courage and strength to do God’s work in the world.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn
Executive Director



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