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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for March 2, 2015

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MONDAY, March 2

John 4:27 They were astonished that Jesus was speaking with a woman.

I have many women friends who are ordained ministers. Many tell me that it is hard being a woman in the church. Women still do not receive equal pay and equal respect. There are still many places where the ministry and work of women are not welcomed or honored.

Today, many people are still astonished that Jesus speaks with women. Today, many people are still astonished that Jesus counts on the discipleship of women.

This passage invites all of us to consider what astonishes us about Jesus. Jesus reminds us that the ways of God often differ from ours. God calls us to new and surprising relationships and alliances for the purpose of making the world a better place. One way of defining God is “the one who astonishes and surprises us.” Jesus calls us into a relationship where we astonish people by doing what is good, true, and beautiful.

Jesus continues to call immigrants, people of different religions, women, and strangers. Are you astonished that Jesus is speaking to and with you?

PRAY for the Diocese of Mbamili (Niger, Nigeria)

Today the Church remembers Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, 672.

Ps 56, 57, [58] * 64, 65; Jeremiah 1:11-19; Romans 1:1-15; John 4:27-42



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