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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for May 26, 2015

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Deuteronomy 4:23 Be careful not to forget the covenant that the Lord your God made with you.

Moses was a very old man, wearied from decades of desert wandering and coping with an obstreperous, complaining people. Now he stood on the summit of Mount Nebo, looking west across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. He knew he would not enter that land, but he was able to see it before he died.

“Be careful not to forget,” Moses told the people. He knew the new land would present new distractions and temptations and future generations would not necessarily honor commitments made by those who had come before them. This desert experience of a redeeming and commanding God could become a mere tale, almost a folktale, having nothing to do with life in a new age. Moses was absolutely correct in issuing his warning.

Where have we today forgotten our ancestors’ experience of a redeeming and commanding God? What and how should we remember? How do we keep their story close and real, instead of treating it as a folktale from a faraway land?

PRAY for the Diocese of Northern Michigan (Province V, The Episcopal Church)

Today the Church remembers Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605.

Ps 26, 28 * 36, 39; Deuteronomy 4:15-24; 2 Corinthians 1:12-22; Luke 15:1-10



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