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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for August 2, 2014

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SATURDAY, August 2

Matthew 28:17. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

Doubt has generally been my helpful companion. It helps keep me from jumping to conclusions. It has led me to ask important questions, sometimes overlooked by others. It has been an invaluable tool in seeking what is true.

But what has doubt to do with faith? If faith means never having doubts, I am among the weakest of all.

That is why I find this passage from the end of the Gospel of Matthew so encouraging. The disciples were gathered together on a mountain in Galilee after the Resurrection when the risen Jesus appeared to them. Some worshiped him. Some doubted.

I confess to my doubts. Some doubts are stronger than others. I am never completely without them. Still, if some of the people closest to Jesus, the ones who knew him best, could have been in his actual presence in the days following the Resurrection and still doubt, well then, maybe I’m not completely a lost cause.

It gives me even more encouragement that this account appears just prior to Jesus giving the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” It makes me wonder if doubt is really the enemy of faith after all. Maybe certainty is.

PRAY for the Diocese of Embu (Kenya)

Ps 75, 76 * 23, 27; Judges 5:19-31; Acts 2:22-36; Matthew 28:11-20



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