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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for June 26, 2017

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MONDAY, June 26

Ps 89:11 Yours are the heavens; the earth also is yours; you laid the foundations of the world and all that is in it.

Many of us are on a wonderful learning curve about seeing holiness in all of creation. Handel’s Messiah is an extension of the composer’s personality and personhood, just as Van Gogh’s Starry Night is an extension of the artist. Likewise creation is an extension of God. The spirit of the creator or Creator pulses through the creation.

Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, An Altar in the World, moves God’s altars from being exclusively in churches and temples to being in sea waves and sunsets, to places and practices that draw our hearts next to the heart of God. I had just read Taylor’s book when my husband and I met our younger daughter in Italy.

On this trip, I saw God’s altars in the rolling green hills and cypress trees of Tuscany. When we walked to our apartment in Florence, listening to a man play guitar and sing under a full moon, I experienced that crowded medieval bridge as an altar too. The heavens and the whole earth are God’s, and God meets us in all kinds of places.

MOVING FORWARD: Keep your eye out for altars hiding in plain sight. Share your favorite discoveries with us by tagging them with #ForwardDaybyDay.

PRAY for the Diocese of Nzara (Sudan)

Ps 89:1-18 * 89:19-52 | 1 Samuel 5:1-12 | Acts 5:12-26 | Luke 21:29-36



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