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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 2, 2015

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Acts 8:27 So he got up and went.

For many of us, it would take an actual message from a real live angel for us to travel the road between Jerusalem and Gaza. But in today’s story from Acts, Philip is obedient. Without asking why, “he got up and went.”

Philip sees a chariot pulled over by the side of the road, and he’s prompted by the Holy Spirit to join the man driving it. I would need some serious, heavy prompting to start up a conversation with a random person on the side of the road—maybe even a burning bush or a talking donkey. But Philip obeys, without reservation. The ensuing conversation between the Ethiopian and Philip ends with a baptism and an abrupt change of venue for Philip. I think this experience probably would have put me in bed for several days.

Why do we obey? Why did Philip? Was there any room for doubt or fear in his heart, or was he so deeply entrenched in the faith of Jesus that failure simply wasn’t in his vocabulary? Obedience, it seems, leads to bravery…and to believing in the unbelievable mercy and grace of the story of Jesus.

PRAY for the Diocese of Owerri (Owerri, Nigeria)

Ps 131, 132, [133] * 134, 135; 1 Samuel 13:5-18; Acts 8:26-40; Luke 23:13-25



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