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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 23, 2014

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Matthew 26:60. …though many false witnesses came forward.

What motivates false witnesses? The intent seems to be to do another person harm, and somehow the desire to harm takes precedence over the facts. Reality becomes an inconvenience to be ignored like ants at a picnic or sweat during a workout. Good Friday is a haven of false testimony, as is the Internet, much political rhetoric, and more than a few gossip sessions. We are no longer shocked to find it, but let us not be so cynical as to accept it as the norm.

When we acknowledge and praise God as Creator, we are humbling ourselves in the face of reality in all of its forms. To seek to establish another reality is to turn our backs on the one given to us and to the Giver. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. That path does not stray into fantasy no matter how much we would like it to. Our enemies have some good ideas, our friends have some bad ones; some truths are lifesavers, others are problematic; sometimes the truth sets us free, other times it sets us on our heels. The God of Truth cannot be served by untruth.

PRAY for the Diocese of Eha-Amufu (Enugu, Nigeria)

Ps 119:49-72 * 49,[53]; Joshua 8:30-35; Romans 14:13-23; Matthew 26:57-68



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