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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for November 13, 2017

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MONDAY, November 13

Matthew 15:18 But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this is what defiles.

Feelings are fleeting. What we want one moment can become the thing we hate the next. All on their own, emotions are not a reliable guide for the soul.

A friend once served as an administrator at an elementary school. When one of her students or teachers resisted doing something unpleasant but necessary, she shared with them her motto, “Some things are more important than how we feel about them at the moment.” Later in her life, she served on a clergy team with me and explained her motto. The bottom line is that we shouldn’t let our feelings drive us to do something that isn’t steeped in love.

Jesus wants us to follow our hearts. But we should not be slaves to the emotions of the moment. In the Bible, the heart refers to the entire soul—intellect, passions, will, and emotions. Jesus wants our actions to be an expression of a soul wholly devoted to him. Fortunately, he knows we are works in progress.

MOVING FORWARD: Pay special attention to words and phrases you use frequently. Do you need to soften your speech? Do you need to firm it up? How is the good news of Jesus being offered in your words?

PRAY for the Diocese of Ukhahlamba (Southern Africa)

Ps 80 * 77, [79] | Nehemiah 9:1-15(16-25) | Revelation 18:1-8 | Matthew 15:1-20



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