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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for March 15, 2018

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THURSDAY, March 15

Luke 17:1-2 Jesus said to his disciples, “Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to anyone by whom they come! It would be better for you if a millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown in the sea than for you to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

In my mid-20s, I rented an apartment from a colleague. She warned me before I moved in that I might hear negative things about her. There had been one or two complaints from tenants, she said, but her tenants had misspoken and were “crazy.”

Soon I realized that my landlady routinely screamed expletives at her two little girls, accusing them of misdeeds large and small. Verbal abuse was rampant. Was there physical abuse? I didn’t see any, but I would not have been surprised. But I was scared that if I reported her, I would be the focus of anger both at work and at home.

I moved after six months. My lack of courage bothers me to this day. No doubt the girls were already stumbling—I could have at least smiled at them and better yet, picked up the phone to call for help.

MOVING FORWARD: Is there a difficult phone call you’ve been avoiding? Ask a friend to pray for you and make the call today.

Good Book Club Reading: Luke 17:1-10

PRAY for the Diocese of Bo (Sierra Leone)



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