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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 17, 2017

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MONDAY, July 17

Mark 1:32-33 That evening, at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick or possessed with demons. And the whole city was gathered around the door.

My mom worked as a nursing supervisor at city health clinics in Cincinnati. Not only did she help many people who couldn’t afford to go to a traditional doctor’s office, but she also went above and beyond regular nursing care by providing food, counseling, and humor to her patients. She treated them with respect and dignity, and years later, people still marvel about the dedication she showed for her patients and staff.

When she came home, my mom needed to retreat into herself, to restore her energy—with prayer, deep thought, silence, and listening to God. This is the way she found the strength and courage to do her work.

Jesus heals the people who come to him, who are brought to him, who are compelled to find him. Jesus also has the good sense to heal himself with contemplation and solitude. May we also follow Jesus’ example—giving ourselves the time and space to restore ourselves so that we can continue to restore the kingdom.

MOVING FORWARD: Thank a nurse in your life today. If you don’t know a nurse, thank someone who helps you and gives you comfort.

PRAY for the Diocese of Ottawa (Canada)

Today the Church remembers William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania, 1836.

Ps 25 * 9, 15 | 1 Samuel 18:5-16, 27b-30 | Acts 11:19-30 | Mark 1:29-45



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