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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for March 25, 2016

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FRIDAY, March 25      Good Friday

John 19:30 Then Jesus bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

It is tempting to look away from the cross today. It is tempting to skip the painful Passion story and go from Maundy Thursday right on to the radiant joy of Easter. But that won’t do. Today the whole world stops as we re-enter the sacred mystery of Good Friday. The whole creation wept when Jesus died.

The cross is the inevitable result of the collision between God’s perfect love and our perfected fear. Here heaven and earth meet in a gruesome instrument of torture and death. And, yet, Jesus bore this willingly. I will confess that the transactional language of paying for my sins isn’t always helpful. But what is always helpful is the knowledge that God’s love for me knows no limits, that God enters even into death for my sake. There is no part of my life that God cannot redeem, nothing that is removed from God.

Good Friday does not, as some say, expose a cruel, distant God. Rather, in Jesus’ free choice and willingness to die, we have proof that God could not love us more, for God is willing to do anything for our sake, for our souls. To receive this gift, we must gaze at the awful reality of the cross.

PRAY for The Anglican Communion

Today the Church remembers The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ps 22; Isaiah 52:13—53:12; Hebrews 10:16-25 or Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:7-9; John 18:1—19:42



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