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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for December 26, 2017

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TUESDAY, December 26      Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr

Acts 6:8 Stephen, full of grace and power, did great wonders and signs among the people.

Immediately after celebrating the birth of Jesus, we remind ourselves that following him is costly. Stephen is called as a deacon to serve others so that the apostles might focus on prayer and evangelism. Soon after his calling, Stephen is stoned to death for daring to say that the fractured and feuding Jewish/Christian community seems to care more about fulfilling the laws of Moses than embracing the spirit Jesus brings to the world.

Stephen is the first follower of Christ to die for his beliefs, but he is not the last. Many faithful people have died rather than renounce their belief in Jesus.

Jesus calls us to lives of sacrifice; today, let us pray for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their faith.

MOVING FORWARD: Deacons are called to bring the world to the church—and the church to the world. Send a note of encouragement and thanksgiving to a deacon, someone you know or someone you haven’t met yet.

PRAY for the Diocese of Ysabel (Melanesia)

Today the Church remembers Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr.

Ps 31 or 31:1-5 | Jeremiah 26:1-9, 12-15 | Acts 6:8—7:2a, 51c-60 | Matthew 23:34-39



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