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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for November 29, 2017

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WEDNESDAY, November 29

1 Peter 2:1 Rid yourselves, therefore, of all malice, and all guile, insincerity, envy, and all slander.

God makes a place holy by being tangibly present in that place. Similarly, the divine presence makes us holy. Jesus explains to us that our treatment of even the most off-putting, sketchy person is our treatment of him. In Jesus, God shows up in the entire spectrum of human life and experience, imbuing this life with holiness.

Peter paints a portrait of the holy life by telling us what to leave behind—ugly thoughts, manipulating behaviors, holding grudges, gossiping, condescending, meanness. And…resenting others for their good fortune.

The author of 1 Peter wouldn’t have said these things if we didn’t all need to hear them. We can cut ourselves some slack for not doing this business of relationships right every time, and we can show a little more compassion and patience with our mutual imperfections. We are holy because God has shown up in our hearts and lives, but the work of holiness is far from accomplished. Thanks be to God.

MOVING FORWARD: Consider using a home altar during the season of Advent. For ideas about how to assemble one, visit www.growchristians.org.

PRAY for the Diocese of Warri (Nigeria)

Ps 119:145-176 * 128, 129, 130 | Obadiah 15-21 | 1 Peter 2:1-10 | Matthew 19:23-30



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