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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 3, 2017

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MONDAY, July 3

Psalm 106:4-5 Remember me, O LORD, with the favor you have for your people, and visit me with your saving help; That I may see the prosperity of your elect and be glad with the gladness of your people, that I may glory with your inheritance.

What is the first thing you do when you need help? Some of us try to come up with a solution on our own. Others immediately call a parent, spouse, or close friend. How many of us actually turn to God first? Perhaps we don’t believe that God will work on our schedule—or do things the way we know they need to be done.

Trouble comes to us in different ways. Sometimes we get ourselves into trouble. Sometimes others bring trouble to us. No matter how we find trouble, we have to trust in God and believe that God is ready and able to help us. Today’s lectionary readings tell us of several times when God could have abandoned us but didn’t.

God wants resolution and peace for each of us. When we call to the Lord in times of trouble, we may not hear the answers we want or expect. We might not receive the help we want when we think we need it. When we keep our minds and hearts open, we’re better able to recognize when God sends us solutions, even unexpected ones.

MOVING FORWARD: When was the last time you asked for help? When was the last time you offered help?

PRAY for the Diocese of Ohio (The Episcopal Church)

Ps 106:1-18 * 106:19-48 | 1 Samuel 10:17-27 | Acts 7:44—8:1a | Luke 22:52-62



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