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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for September 3, 2017

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SUNDAY, September 3      13 Pentecost

Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

One summer a friend challenged a group of us to take a photo of a flower or insect every day for a month and post the pictures on our newsfeeds. I was amazed by how quickly my focus shifted toward actively seeking out beauty in my surroundings.

My Facebook and Instagram streams filled with butterflies, roses, bees, and coneflowers. During this time, I spent a week helping care for my mother in a nursing home, struggled with revisions for a novel I was writing, and consumed and processed the news stories following the mass shooting at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina—a truly evil act.

A picture of a dragonfly produced a lingering smile as I pushed my mother’s wheelchair down the hall. The image still gives me hope when I rewrite a chapter for the umpteenth time or watch the news as another tragedy unfolds. God is at work in ways large and small—and I will not be overcome.

MOVING FORWARD: What picture or piece of artwork offers you hope? Share the image with us by tagging it with #ForwardDaybyDay.

PRAY for the Dioceses of San Diego and San Joaquin

Ps 105:1-6, 23-26, 45c and Exodus 3:1-15 –OR– Ps 26:1-8 and Jeremiah 15:15-21 | Romans 12:9-21 | Matthew 16:21-28



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