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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for June 4, 2018

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MONDAY, June 4

Psalm 44:6 For I do not rely on my bow, and my sword does not give me the victory.

The psalms are often a profound source of comfort. Phrases such as, “The Lord is my shepherd…” and, “Open my lips, O Lord…” instill a familiar sense of serenity and peace. However, the psalmist can also bring hard-to-hear news. Such is the case today.

Although we might work to cultivate a semblance of safety and self-preservation in our lives, the psalmist reminds us that in the end, we cannot save ourselves. Try as we might to prevent them, disasters plague us. Knowledge fails us, wealth evaporates, strength erodes, and in the end, we die. The life of faith has never been marked by safety; rather it is marked by trust.

Trust is more than the simple assurance that bad things will never happen to us. Trust is rooted in the fact that God prevails and remains faithful. As hard as this may be for us to hear, it is very good news!

MOVING FORWARD: Which psalms bring you comfort? Which ones call you to move outside of your comfort zone? Share them with us at #ForwardDayByDay.

PRAY for the Church of the Province of Myanmar (Southeast Asia)

Ps 41, 52 * 44 | Ecclesiastes 2:1-15 | Galatians 1:1-17 | Matthew 13:44-52



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