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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 5, 2017

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Psalm 119:164-165 Seven times a day do I praise you, because of your righteous judgments. Great peace have they who love your law; for them there is no stumbling block.

Saint Andrew’s Songbook was also known as “The Green Songbook” at my childhood church. But no one really needed the book. When Irma, our organist, started a hymn, folks would join in, humming and singing along. The gospel songs in that book were written on our hearts—we mostly held the book for comfort.

We don’t have to wait for Sunday to sing or say praise to God. We can sing our favorite songs as a praise offering at any time, on any day. We can fill our days with one-sentence prayers. Lord, I praise you for creating the sun and the planets. God, I praise you for guiding my vocation according to your calling. Before we know it, we will have praised God at least seven times in a day—and probably many more. God doesn’t need our prayers to be fancy or in perfect harmony. God simply needs our prayers to be prayed.

MOVING FORWARD: Sing a song today as part of your devotional time. Share your song with us on social media by using #ForwardDaybyDay.

PRAY for the Diocese of Oke-Ogun (Nigeria)

Ps 119:145-176 * 128, 129, 130 | 1 Samuel 12:1-6,16-25 | Acts 8:14-25 | Luke 23:1-12



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