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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for September 6, 2017

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WEDNESDAY, September 6

James 3:10-12 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this ought not to be so. Does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and brackish water? Can a fig tree, my brothers and sisters, yield olives, or a grapevine figs? No more can salt water yield fresh.

We are what we speak. I don’t like using the word “hate” in front of my son—not even to say “I hate oysters,” or some other similar, seemingly innocuous object of my disdain. He repeats things, and I don’t want him to say to a friend, “My mama hates oysters.” He would be perpetuating the word—such a heavy and hard word—with a casual mention he’d heard me make in passing.

If my child is going to repeat something I’ve said, I want those words to be full of light, love, and life. I am trying to teach him the substance of words. Today’s reading reminds us that we can’t hold opposites as equals and still expect one to prevail in our thoughts—or our hearts or our world—over the other.

We can’t speak graciously and ungraciously and expect to have an abundance of grace in our lives. Let us remember: If we want blessings, faith, and goodness, then let it first come from within us—from our hearts, our mouths will speak. Let us speak what we will live.

MOVING FORWARD: Make a phone call to someone who needs a special word of love or encouragement today.

PRAY for the Diocese of Sapele (Nigeria)

Ps 38 * 119:25-48 | 1 Kings 9:24—10:13 | James 3:1-12 | Mark 15:1-11



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