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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 7, 2017

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FRIDAY, July 7

Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do what pleases you, for you are my God; let your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

My father-in-law Walter walks four to five miles each day, followed by eating a pot of grits. Every day. His commitment to walking is up there with his commitment to God and family.

On a vacation last summer, I asked Dad if he knew any nearby hiking trails. He said, “Oh, I walk at the reservoir.” I looked at him incredulously. “You…you walk trails?” “Oh, yes!” he said, and proceeded to tell me a story about crossing paths with a bear and her cubs. All I could think as he told his story was, “I’ve known this man well for thirty-two years, and I never knew he walked trails. How could this have never come up?”

Maybe he assumed I knew where he had been walking—or he needed to keep this part of his spiritual life to himself. Either way, now we share the connection of being trail walkers—something very much like the understanding we have with others who follow Jesus. Trails connect people to God’s kingdom. Jesus is the trail—and our companion—as we walk it.

MOVING FORWARD: What surprises have you recently learned about or shared with family members?

PRAY for the Diocese of Okigwe (Nigeria)

Ps 140, 142 * 141, 143:1-11(12) | 1 Samuel 13:19—14:15 | Acts 9:1-9 | Luke 23:26-31



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