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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for January 9, 2018

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TUESDAY, January 9

Psalm 6:7 My eyes are wasted with grief and worn away because of all my enemies.

Our pain comes in many forms: physical, emotional, psychological—these are our “Lazarus places.” Some part of our life has died or is dying—a relationship, a job, something or someone we hold dear. We feel vital threads being pulled from the tapestry of our very existence. If we experienced trauma as children, these wounds can stalk us into adulthood.

As I contemplated today’s readings, the path of words became clear, and I began walking with them. These word-steps bring all of us to think and care for those wounded by life in ways not easily healed. They brought me to you and you to me. You are not alone. Everyone has a Lazarus place.

Feel all of us who are sharing these words gathered around you now, laying hands of prayer upon you. We have faith this healing will happen. Where a few are gathered in Jesus’ name, the Lord is among them. We reach toward you from all over the world. God storms the citadel of our wounds. Surrender to this love. Lazarus places also rise.

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PRAY for the Diocese of Afikpo (Nigeria)

Today the Church remembers Julia Chester Emery, Missionary, 1922.

Ps 5, 6, * 10, 11 | Genesis 3:1-24 | Hebrews 2:1-10 | John 1:19-28



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