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  • MONDAY, March 18

    Life is a group project. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without family, friends, teachers, and mentors. Where would I be without strangers who have grown and harvested my food, kept me healthy, built the house I live in, and invented the computer on which I write these words?

  • SUNDAY, March 17                           2 Lent

    As parents, we want to keep our children safe under our wings. We hold our breath the first time a toddler tumbles; our hearts break at teenage disappointments or an adult child’s harsh treatment in a harsh world. And we are devastated when they stumble and fall.


  • SATURDAY, March 16

    As we grow older, we are less likely to recognize thirst. We may think we’re hungry or tired long before we realize we are becoming dehydrated and need a drink of water.

    We can easily fail to recognize our spiritual dehydration too, until we are parched and find ....

  • FRIDAY, March 15

    How does it feel to have a clean heart and a right spirit?

    Years ago, I found myself leaving a church position because the rector and I were simply at odds. That priest eventually left the parish; I went on to become director of communications for our diocese. For ....

  • THURSDAY, March 14

    One of my treasures hangs on our living room wall. On this canvas painted by my uncle is a large red rock amid other rocks in a fast-flowing stream. He captured the light and power of the rapids beautifully. When I read this verse, I picture Uncle Joe’s painting.


  • WEDNESDAY, March 13

    After church one Sunday, a fairly new member exclaimed to several of us, “I love this church! There are so many real born-again Christian people!”

    I do not match the criteria for what many people mean by born-again.

    “Oh,” ....

  • TUESDAY, March 12

    At a conference I attended, the leader of a gospel choir pointed out that many of us were clapping wrong. In gospel music—as in most African musical traditions and most of today’s popular music—the clap is on the off-beat, not the downbeat. After some practice, I learned to clap correctly. Thi....
  • MONDAY, March 11

    It’s been a rough winter. The world is troubled, and there are messages from friends dealing with difficulties—illnesses and deaths, family crises, disappointing changes—so much grief.

    I’ve been fighting colds and allergies and currently have pink eye. My ....

  • SUNDAY, March 10                           1 Lent

    For many years we were members of a neighborhood church with a rapidly growing Afro-Caribbean population. With the influx of West Indian Anglicans, we needed to build a larger space for worship. Our rector sadly told us that the diocesan committee had refused our loan, concerned we were in a “chan....
  • SATURDAY, March 9

    The phrase “toxic masculinity” has become part of the conversation about forms of violence in our society. Toxic masculinity excuses bad behavior with the adage “Boys will be boys.” This approach isn’t helpful for any of us, boys or otherwise, especially when it allows and normalizes damag....
  • FRIDAY, March 8

    I was named Mary for my father’s mother, and my middle name is Miller, my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. Until I was five or six, I was called Mary Miller—which I hated.

    Like a number of women of my generation, I took my husband’s last name when we marrie....

  • THURSDAY, March 7

    Most days I haven’t been out of bed very long before I catch sight of a headline on my phone or the front page of the newspaper and plunge headlong into fretting because of evildoers. This seems a particularly dark time in our country.

    Surely, we aren’t supposed to let evil have its....

  • WEDNESDAY, March 6                  Ash Wednesday

    Growing up Presbyterian, I don’t recall observing Ash Wednesday, much less fasting. As an adult Episcopalian, I decided that since gluttony is one of my more obvious sins, not eating on Ash Wednesday would be an appropriate discipline.

    For several years, I set dinner on....

  • TUESDAY, March 5

    The scholars ponder: The Divine
    Indwells—or not? The bread and wine.
    Of God’s “real presence,” I’ve no doubt;
    my own, I’m not so sure about.

    Paying attention is not easy. In conversation, even with those dear to me, I often realize....

  • MONDAY, March 4

    A group of us were hiking up a mountain trail, and the trail markings suddenly seemed confusing. We headed in one direction, then quickly retraced our steps. As we debated our options, a woman came up the path behind us. She was part of a group of volunteers maintaining the trail. We followed her, a....
  • SUNDAY, March 3                  Last Epiphany

    We sometimes see glimpses of transfiguration at a wedding, the birth of a child, or the celebration of some significant accomplishment. “She was glowing,” we say. “His face lit up.”

    What if we could see that light and recognize belovedness in every face?

    We live nea....

  • SATURDAY, March 2

    Last week I organized receipts for all of last year’s charitable contributions as requested by our accountant.

    Some worry that the higher standard deduction will decrease financial giving to nonprofit institutions. But this concern raises an important question: Do we gi....

  • FRIDAY, March 1

    My heart sinks when I read this verse. Perfect? Me?

    Then I remember that I don’t think Jesus means being 100 percent error-free. The New English Bible’s translation of this verse says: “There must be no limit to your goodness, as your heavenly Father’s goodness knows n....

  • THURSDAY, February 28

    Among the many difficult tasks facing medical doctors is talking with patients about changes they need to make in order to become healthier. We do not like being told what to do, and we are easily offended. But good doctors care more about healing than they do about being liked.

    Some ....

  • WEDNESDAY, February 27

    Jesus’ words about the need for reconciliation to take place before public worship are not unique. The prophets repeatedly call for true inward righteousness instead of merely outward expressions of worship. Paul repeats this same warning in 1 Corinthians 11. The public worship of God is no substi....



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