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  • SUNDAY, April 21                  Easter Sunday

    My mom was a magnificent cook. She would change ingredients and seasonings, turning an old recipe into a totally new and different offering. Former recipes were not remembered—new ingredients transformed an old dish into something new.

    Jesus too knows all ....

  • SATURDAY, April 20                  Holy Saturday

    In our Old Testament reading, Job is having a personal pity party, feeling his life is hopeless. To be honest, Job has every reason to feel this way. He has lost his children, property, and livelihood. Job is suffering indescribable pain and loneliness.


  • FRIDAY, April 19                  Good Friday

    When Good Friday draws near and we remember the sounds of the nails and the shadows of Golgotha, we should also remember who we are as beloved members of the body of Christ. Hopefully this day will remind us of the One who loved us enough to suffer and die for us.


  • THURSDAY, April 18                  Maundy Thursday

    In my work, I am often afforded the grace of being present with people during their death processes. There are many “blessin’s and lessons” witnessed in these sacred moments and quiet rooms.

    Occasionally, the person dying may want to leave a message f....

  • WEDNESDAY, April 17
    Wednesday in Holy Week

    As a member of the body of Christ, I am grateful to be surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses, past and present. I love that I am welcomed and encouraged to sit with those who will both comfort and challenge me.

    I want to hear sermons that cause discomfort and....

  • TUESDAY, April 16
    Tuesday in Holy Week

    All of us have weaknesses and limitations—emotional, spiritual, or physical. These characteristics are there for a reason. God’s best work is accomplished using weak, broken, and wounded people to transform communities into forces that can accomplish great things. The core of our Christian life ....
  • MONDAY, April 15
    Monday in Holy Week

    New tree saplings require support to ensure they grow upright. Once a sapling grows strong enough, the supports are removed and the tree remains straight, having grown strong inside and out.

    Old Testament laws provide an external support to the growing children of ....

  • SUNDAY, April 14
    Palm Sunday, The Sunday of the Passion

    The daughters of Jerusalem accompany Jesus to Calvary, weeping as a sign of their deep love for Jesus and lamenting his fate. Through parched lips, Jesus tells them to weep for their children and not for him.

    In the presence of weeping women, Jesus offers compass....

  • SATURDAY, April 13

    The image of God writing on our hearts is so endearing. During seasons in which we struggle, it is good news to our souls to learn we can be used as a canvas for God to do something beautiful.

    I know for certain my canvas may not be the best medium. There are r....

  • FRIDAY, April 12

    This passage from John reminds me of the late, great Aretha Franklin’s version of “O Mary Don’t You Weep.” The song describes the emotional story of Mary and Martha grieving the loss of Lazarus, disappointed that Jesus was not available to heal him.

    When we....

  • THURSDAY, April 11

    In a musical production, actors and musicians offer up many songs and spoken lines. Despite the diversity of instruments and vocal ranges, it is imperative that the acting company and orchestra all come together in harmony, melody, and action. In the same way, we too must learn to live in community ....
  • WEDNESDAY, April 10

    I have so many security codes and personal identification numbers; I can mix them up if I am not careful. Sometimes I feel like these numbers have replaced my actual identity. These codes identify me and are part of the reality of doing business.

    Numbers may supply....

  • TUESDAY, April 9

    Our hearts are the cores of our beings—physically pumping blood and emotionally serving as the place where our judgment, character, and beliefs are formed. This complex muscle, and all the analogies we’ve drawn to understand it, allows us to serve and love God with our whole selves. Without the ....
  • MONDAY, April 8

    People look at him but never really see him. The neighbors wonder about him but never really talk to him. The disciples only to see him out of a belief that his suffering equates to some kind of sin. But Jesus sees the whole of this man’s self—Jesus sees a vessel fit to display the glory of God.....
  • SUNDAY, April 7                                     5 Lent

    Jesus knows a lot about economic stimulus plans from his study of the Torah: “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the poor.” This plan demands we address the needs of the poor—not just in acts of charity but through the pursuit of biblical justice.

  • SATURDAY, April 6

    My grandmother used to sing an old gospel song, “Trouble Don’t Last Always.” As I have grown older, I’ve started humming it to console myself. The lessons of the song still ring in my heart, reminding my weary soul to just hold on. This too shall pass.

  • FRIDAY, April 5

    When you read through Acts and the letters Paul writes to his congregations, it is hard to deny that Paul suffers greatly for the sake of the gospel. Nevertheless, he is utterly convinced that nothing can separate him—or any of us—from God’s love and care.


  • THURSDAY, April 4

    One of my pet peeves is waiting—in long lines at the airport, in freeway traffic, for elevators that take an eternity to reach my floor. Just as my spirit groans with the discomforts of life, Creation also cries out when its natural order is interrupted. The earth groans and longs for renewal and ....
  • WEDNESDAY, April 3

    While on sabbatical, I wanted to participate in activities to stimulate and restore my whole self. I also wanted to spend time with my family—especially my son. To my surprise and delight, he took a pottery class with me.

    Once seated at our own wheels, we seemed ....

  • TUESDAY, April 2

    Long before diarist Anne Frank wrote, “The problem with me is I am two different people,” Paul wrestles with the very same dilemma. Paul wants to please God yet realizes the mental tug of war between flesh and spirit. Like Paul, we too share the struggle between knowing what is right an....



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