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  • TUESDAY, June 2                           The Martyrs of Lyons

    How often do our expectations lead to our downfall? When the people of Jesus’ hometown see him, they expect the carpenter’s son. And even when confronted with the evidence of his wisdom and power, they still refuse to believe. They have already made up their minds before he ever opens his mouth.....
  • MONDAY, June 1                  The Visitation (tr)

    I’ve always been amazed by Mary’s faith in saying yes to God. Though anxiety and fear and self-doubt must surely have reared their heads, she holds the greatest truth in her heart, even when others can’t see it. But this is the miracle of faith: When we hold onto the truth, God never leaves us....
  • SUNDAY, May 31                           Feast of Pentecost

    Imagine the moment: Peter has gathered the disciples and followers of Jesus, about 120 or so. They cast lots to select a new disciple and before Matthias has even settled into the role, a rush of wind blows through the house. Tongues of fire rest upon them, and a holy cacophony breaks out.

  • SATURDAY, May 30

    When our son was younger, we watched every Marvel movie and debated the most potent superpower. He learned to read with the Harry Potter series, and archeological digs of our house will reveal the depths (and toys) of his devotion.

    Perhaps that’s why I’....

  • FRIDAY, May 29

    How many times have I ended a day bleary-eyed and uncertain what I’ve accomplished? All too often the weeks blur one into another, stacked into months and seasons like cord wood.

    Our firstborn graduates from high school this month, and our youngest finishe....

  • THURSDAY, May 28                           Mechthild of Magdeburg

    From the Archives: May 2, 1939

    Scene: A missionary hospital

    Visitor: It seems to be a busy place. Doctor: Busy? Yes; 400 patients are too many. Which would you select to turn away?

  • WEDNESDAY, May 27

    The staff of Forward Movement has spent the past year exploring our various gifts. Guided by an assessment tool called StrengthsFinder, we have learned about our individual strengths as well as those of our colleagues and how these interplay with one another.

  • TUESDAY, May 26                  Augustine of Canterbury

    When I joined the Episcopal Church, my first bishop often ended his sermons with these words. During his episcopate, he set bold and audacious goals: for church growth, racial reconciliation, and spiritual formation. But he never believed these goals would be accomplished under his own steam. God wa....
  • MONDAY, May 25

    After my friend died, I put one of his Star Wars toys on my desk. Next to it is a polished stone given to me at a spiritual retreat, a time when I decided to reset my vocation. And there’s the moose pen holder and a globe paperweight, reminders to seek and celebrate adventure. These small tokens a....
  • SUNDAY, May 24                                    7 Easter

    With these words, Jesus begins his longest prayer recorded in scripture. In words both profound and poignant, Jesus asks not to be released from the promise of his death but petitions for intercession on behalf of his disciples. Though every phrase of this prayer is worthy of reflection, today I wan....
  • SATURDAY, May 23

    Twenty-six times we hear these words in this psalm. If the Bible says something once, it’s significant. Twice, and we better listen up. Twenty-six is the equivalent of God calling us by our full name, middle one and all. This is important.

    These six words....

  • FRIDAY, May 22                  Helena of Constantinople

    God shows up in the hair salon—on the faces of customers and in the hands of the stylists. A remarkable ministry in Houston, Texas, offers free haircuts to homeless people, hospice patients, and anyone else who needs a gentle, healing touch.

    The ministry, ....

  • THURSDAY, May 21                           Ascension Day

    From the Archives: October 23, 1946

    Paul is here exhorting the Christians in Philippi to have that mind which was in Christ Jesus, knowing that if they were selfless as he was, they would be humble servants to their fellowmen.

  • WEDNESDAY, May 20                   Alcuin (Rogation Day)

    It was supposed to be a pared-down version of the Kennedy compound—a place our family could enjoy together for generations. In the Venn diagram of the lives of my two sisters and I, this condo on the beach would be at the center.

    Then, after nearly four d....

  • TUESDAY, May 19                  Dunstan (Rogation Day)

    Parenting is perhaps the greatest act of faith I’ve undertaken. Let’s be honest: In some ways, it’s a crapshoot.

    In a week of fights, punishments, and long, heaving sighs, each of our children surprised us with sweet fruits. At the afterschool program....

  • MONDAY, May 18                  Rogation Day

    Tell me a story, she begs. And I don’t think it’s just because she’s trying to postpone bedtime. At least, that’s not the complete reason. As I weave a story, part fantasy, part recollection, my sweet daughter curls into me.

    Tell me a story, he asks....

  • SUNDAY, May 17
    6 Easter (Rogation Sunday)

    The image of the refining fire of God is a popular one in scripture, appearing several times in both the Old and New Testaments. God serves as refiner, burning away our impurities, burnishing us into a fine luster. Of all the precious metals, why does the psalmist—and other writers in scripture—....
  • SATURDAY, May 16

    A family friend made his fortune and retired early. He bought and renovated a large cattle ranch, turning one of the dwellings into a Christian retreat center. At the entrance was the sign: “Welcome to Narrowgate.”

    Across the driveway stretched a cattle ....

  • FRIDAY, May 15                  Pachomius of Tabenissi

    Maybe you’ve heard it this way: “When you point at someone else, three fingers point back at you.” In other words, when you cast blame on someone else, you should also take stock of your own culpability. There’s usually plenty of blame to go around.


  • THURSDAY, May 14

    From the Archives: December 3, 1942

    None of us believes that God wills war: it is contrary to the whole spirt of Christ, and we seek to banish it from the earth. But we do believe that God sometimes works in war, through bravery, sacrifice, a....



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