Daily Prayer: a resource of Forward Movement

February, March, April 2019

Dear friends in Christ,

Not long ago, I was teaching a baptismal preparation class with a colleague, and we asked our students to name their favorite day in the church calendar. When it was my turn, I said Easter Eve. I love the Great Vigil of Easter. My colleague answered very differently. She said her favorite day is Ash Wednesday, because it is the one day a year when we are honest with ourselves. That day, we confess that we are deeply broken, and we need a redeemer. We are smudged with ash to remind ourselves of our mortality. That act is an invitation to savor this short life and to live it well.

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on March 6. You’ll be about halfway through this issue by then. So here’s an invitation: Use the time before Ash Wednesday to reflect on how you might benefit from a Lenten practice that reminds you of your dependence on God’s grace. Then use the Lenten season to give up those things that distract from God or to take on those things that might make you more aware of God’s grace and mercy in your life.

May we all renew our journey as followers of Jesus Christ in the coming season of Lent.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn
Executive Director



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