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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for September 10, 2020

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THURSDAY, September 10                  Alexander Crummell

Psalm 19:13 Above all, keep your servant from presumptuous sins; let them not get dominion over me; then shall I be whole and sound, and innocent of a great offense.

From the Archives: October 10, 1952

The psalmist appears to be celebrating the two things that have most impressed their mind and spirit: the glory of God manifested in the heavens and the righteousness of God as revealed in the Law. The first of these has given the psalmist a sense of the divine majesty and the second of that moral sovereignty in obedience in which is found the highest wisdom and deepest joy.

But what the psalmist has seen of the glory and the will of God has revealed personal sins and faults that have not honestly been dealt with before God. The psalmist knows these are there and ought to be faced.

The psalmist prayerfully commits to reflection and self-examination, which provides us with an example to do the same. Contemplation leads to reflection and self-examination, and these lead to closer fellowship with God.

MOVING FORWARD: Where does diversity in your own life make you smile? Where does it challenge you to stretch yourself?

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PRAY for the Dioceses of Mukono (Uganda) and Yewa and Ikara (both in Nigeria)

Ps 50 * [59, 60], or 93, 96 | Job 29:1; 31:1-23 | Acts 15:1-11 | John 11:17-29



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