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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for May 11, 2023

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THURSDAY, May 11      JOHANN ARNDT AND JACOB BOEHME, Mystics, 1621 and 1624

Wisdom 15:2. For even if we sin we are yours, knowing your power; but we will not sin, because we know that you acknowledge us as yours.

I recently led a Bible study that took a long detour into a discussion of sin. It’s not something we usually talk about in groups, but the truth is that we all think about sin. Our discussion centered on the issue that people usually discuss when sin comes up in a Bible study: the root of sin is too much self-focus. Together we confess sins known and unknown or things done and left undone. When we sin, we fail to recognize the divine image in others and in ourselves.

The comment that surprised me most came near the end of our discussion, and it was good news. Even though we all sin—confessing things known and unknown came up again—God loves us anyway. This is a truth the Book of Wisdom revealed ages ago, but it’s easy for us to forget. When we confront sin in our lives, we can trust Wisdom and know that we belong to God and that drawing closer to God leads us to righteousness.

MOVING FORWARD: Each day this week, commit to saying the confession embedded in the Prayers of the People (found on page 393 of the Book of Common Prayer).

PRAY for the Diocese of Sul-Ocidental (Igreja Episcopal Anglicano do Brasil)

Today the Church remembers .

Psalm 74 * Psalm 74 | Wisdom 14:27-15:3 | Rom. 14:1-12 | Luke 8:26-39



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