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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for May 12, 2021

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WEDNESDAY, May 12                  Rogation Day

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lantern to my feet and a light upon my path.

I would truly disappoint myself if I let pass an opportunity to talk about music. I have been immersed in music for more than half of my life. I cling to it. When I hurt too much to think, music is in my head. It is okay, by the way, to have a day or two or ten where you hurt too much to think. Give yourself grace, but also give yourself space.

Music is my heartbeat.

Many of us know the powerful song by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith: “Thy Word.” Did the melody just skip across your mind? If you know it and like it, sing it. Hum it, whisper it, belt it out! And if “Thy Word” isn’t the song for you, what is your song? It can be cathartic to make some noise and remind ourselves that God placed us on this indescribably amazing earth to live and love, to be loud and joyous, to make choices and to mess stuff up. We are here to follow Jesus on the way of love. Whatever path you take, Jesus will light it for you.

MOVING FORWARD: Sing your favorite song in the shower today. Sing as if only you and God are listening!

PRAY for the Diocese of Butere (Kenya)

Ps 119:97-120 * 68:1-20 | Baruch 3:24-37 | James 5:13-18 | Luke 12:22-31



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