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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for September 12, 2021

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SUNDAY, September 12                  16 Pentecost

Psalm 19:8b The commandment of the Lord is clear and gives light to the eyes.

A story and a confession: One year, we offered foster care relief for a set of twins. Once a month, we had the kids over for a weekend, during which we would make and serve endless meals with garden-grown vegetables, venison, and layered casseroles. We soon realized that they were not used to these flavors and textures. So we tried an experiment. We served one thing they liked alongside something we thought might be a new challenge. We asked everyone—our kids included—to try at least one bite of each dish, and if they didn’t like something, they could simply say, “This isn’t my favorite.” Happily, this worked, and over time the twins even came to like some new foods.

Now, here is my confession: The psalms are not my favorite for reading (though I do love to chant them). I just don’t have the palate for so much angst, valid as it might be. But every now and then, like the twins at my table, I find something that delights me, that rings true. Psalm 19 is one I will keep; this one I recognize as a song within my soul.

MOVING FORWARD: Do you like the psalms? Why or why not?

Pray for the Anglican Church of Tanzania

Ps 19 or 116:1-8 | Proverbs 1:20-33 or Wisdom of Solomon 7:26—8:1 or Isaiah 50:4-9a | James 3:1-12 | Mark 8:27-38



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