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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for August 14, 2022

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SUNDAY, August 14
[10 Pentecost/Jonathan Myrick Daniels]

Luke 12:15 Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division!

Years ago, we visited out-of-town friends and heard an inexperienced preacher tackle this very verse. Afterward, the congregation, restless and uncomfortable, left hurriedly. At home, our husbands walked outside with the children, and my friend and I talked about the gospel while making lunch. What finally brought all of us peace was sitting down to a meal and breaking bread together.

In truth, there is division everywhere. We can see the storm and feel the heat, but we do not always sense God’s presence. Christ brought division between those who saw who he really was and those who didn’t. Some were healed; others sought to take his life.

The good news is that even division can bring unity. The fire of discussion can make us rethink our actions and opinions if we open our hearts and minds. Jesus shows us that God’s presence was with him, even on the cross. His presence is with us too, always.

MOVING FORWARD: In a world that seems increasingly divided, how does this verse speak to you today? Can you see hope in division?

PRAY for the Extra-Provincial Churches

Ps 80:1-2,8-18 or 82 | Isaiah 5:1-7 or Jeremiah 23:23-29 | Hebrews 11:29—12:2 | Luke 12:49-56



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