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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for September 15, 2021

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WEDNESDAY, September 15                  Ember Day

Psalm 72:6 He shall come down like rain upon the mown field, like showers that water the earth.

Today is an Ember Day, one of three on the calendar in autumn set apart for fasting, prayer, and in particular, to give thanks for creation as we move through the seasons.

In today’s gospel, we see Jesus calling the first disciples, men who were professional fishermen until that moment. Anyone who works in nature—on land or sea—has a different outlook on life. They understand how little control they have over their world. The weather, the animals, the roots, and the harvest are fundamentally wild and free. They are not beholden to anyone’s expectations.

This sounds a lot to me like God’s love. God’s love goes places and does things that I would never expect or even desire. It is wild and alive; it is on the move. Maybe this is why Jesus began his ministry with fishermen instead of scholars. He needed women and men who would be willing to put their trust in what was good and true, even if it wasn’t always safe. On Ember Days, we are called to give thanks for the gifts of nature, even the parts that are wild.

MOVING FORWARD: Research the history of Ember Days. How might you observe them this fall?

Pray for the Diocese of Evo (Nigeria)

Ps 72 * 119:73-96 | 1 Kings 22:1-28 | 1 Corinthians 2:1-13 | Matthew 4:18-25



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