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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for May 20, 2020

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WEDNESDAY, May 20                   Alcuin (Rogation Day)

Psalm 119:116 Sustain me according to your promise, that I may live, and let me not be disappointed in my hope.

It was supposed to be a pared-down version of the Kennedy compound—a place our family could enjoy together for generations. In the Venn diagram of the lives of my two sisters and I, this condo on the beach would be at the center.

Then, after nearly four decades of marriage, my parents divorced. My dad retained sole custody of the condo. This place where both my children learned to swim, where we bodysurfed the waves and built sandcastles with drawbridges and played Rook deep into the night, was now a casualty of their broken marriage. I grieved what-was-but-no-longer.

But our God is master of bringing new life to the disappointed and downhearted, to the dying and dead. And with time, the rawness of the loss of my parents’ marriage has scabbed and new traditions have taken root. It’s not as I had imagined, or even as I still dream it could be, but we live and laugh and love there together and find hope despite disappointment.

MOVING FORWARD: What or who helps you persevere in the face of disappointment? How can you help others?

PRAY for the Dioceses of Lemombo (Mozambique), Southern Ohio, and Southern Philippines

Ps 119:97-120 * 68:1-20 | Leviticus 26:27-42 | Ephesians 1:1-10 | Matthew 22:41-46



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