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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for February 21, 2021

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SUNDAY, February 21                  1 Lent

Psalm 25:8 He guides the humble in doing right and teaches his way to the lowly.

A dear friend once said, in her west Texas accent, “When I try to control everything around me, I find I make a pitiful God.” When I am sure I am right and others are wrong, I lead with pride, not the humbleness encouraged in this psalm. Sometimes I may be right, or aligned with God in my thoughts and actions. Other times I am not. The problem is, I don’t always know which is which—and believe I’m right even when I am not.

I visualize my relationship with God like a Venn diagram with the overlapping area being where I am in God and God is in me. There is still plenty of me that is quite un-Godlike and plenty of areas in which God is very unlike me. God is omnipotent, almighty, and all-merciful, and, well, I am not.

Why would I seek to become more like God if I think I already am God? To be taught, one must be humble.

MOVING FORWARD: What does your Venn diagram look like? Draw it out and be honest. Are there places in your relationship with God that need reshaping?

PRAY for the Church of the Province of Central Africa

Ps 25:1-9 | Genesis 9:8-17 | 1 Peter 3:18-22 | Mark 1:9-15



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