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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for February 22, 2021

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MONDAY, February 22 [Margaret of Cortona]

Psalm 41:13 Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, from age to age. Amen. Amen.

At age five, I asked my older brother what infinity meant. He said it meant “to go on forever.” I looked in the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror and saw myself reflected over and over again. Where would it end? Was infinity in there? I puzzled over it. I asked more questions. My brother told me not to try to understand infinity. It would make me crazy. I still consider that a pretty wise response from a ten-year-old.

Since then, I have never expected to understand God. How could the finite ever understand the infinite? Some people consider the concept of holy mystery a cop-out, a way of avoiding seeking definite answers, but I think chalking some things up to mystery is just having the proper perspective. I am small and confined to a particular time and place. I have very little power to change anything. The God I worship is omniscient and omnipotent. God is immortal and infinite, and that is holy mystery indeed.

MOVING FORWARD: The mathematical expression for infinity—a figure eight on its side—is also metaphorically a symbol for love. How does understanding the love of Jesus as endless and limitless shape your faith?

PRAY for the Diocese of Argentina

Ps 41, 52 * 44 | Deuteronomy 8:11-20 | Hebrews 2:11-18 | John 2:1-12



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