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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for May 24, 2021

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MONDAY, May 24                  Jackson Kemper

Psalm 25:3-4 Show me your ways, O LORD, and teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; in you have I trusted all the day long.

I once had to relearn how to walk. I broke my right foot three weeks into my junior year of college. I got my cast off exactly one hour after my last exam of the semester. I didn’t walk for four months, and while I feel beyond lucky that it was a mere four months and not a year or the rest of my life, it was still hard and temporarily life changing. When I took my first steps, the entire office came out to watch. I cried and called for my mom.

Over the next several weeks, I had to refamiliarize my knees and toes with their functions. Sometimes I fell. I waited and longed for the day that I would walk with a little more ease.

Sometimes we take the wrong turn on our path or trip on a stone that causes us to tumble and limp. But when we wait and allow God to lead us in right paths, we find a joy that fills our hearts as the final puzzle piece clicks into place and we find God’s way.

MOVING FORWARD: When have you had to re-learn something so that you might get back onto the path God has set before you?

PRAY for the Diocese of Cashel, Ferns, and Ossory (Ireland)

Ps 25 * 9, 15 | Deuteronomy 4:9-14 | 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 | Luke 14:25-35



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