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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for December 26, 2019

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THURSDAY, December 26
Saint Stephen, Martyr

Psalm 31:21 Blessed be the Lord! for he has shown me the wonders of his love in a besieged city.

In my years ministering in New York City, I have been especially humbled by people’s personal accounts of life on 9/11/2001. There are so many sensory and emotional details: the terror and fear, the smell of smoke, the ash that covered the city, the twelve miles I walked to get home. One striking element these stories share is the way people took care of each other. One survivor told me: “We were all one human family that day.”

Healing a world shuttered in shadows and hopelessness is God’s specialty. In a besieged city or a dusty manger surrounded by animals, in those desolate places, we need God the most. This kind of vulnerability creates the exact opening God needs to step through. This is the promise of Advent and the truth of Christmas. Through the smoke and the ash, through the dirt and dust, the wonder of help and love come to save us.

MOVING FORWARD: Take a plate of cookies or other snacks to your local first responders. They’ve had a busy season too.

PRAY for the Dioceses of Fianarantsoa (Madagascar) and Florida (The Episcopal Church)

Today the Church remembers Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr.

Ps 31 or 31:1-5 | Jeremiah 26:1-9,12-15 Acts 6:8—7:2a,51c-60 | Matthew 23:34-39



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