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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for December 28, 2018

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FRIDAY, December 28         Holy Innocents

Revelation 21:5a And the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.”

We sit here, caught somewhere between cooing over the Baby in the manger and keening over the babies sacrificed to satiate Herod’s thirst for power and his fear of losing it. It is hard to sit still in these difficult, confusing, conflicting feelings. The intensity of each emotion multiplies exponentially when they all come together like this. It reminds me of the stories my girlfriends have shared about hormone swings and bouts of postpartum depression that so often come with the joy and awe of new motherhood.

We need John the Revelator to wake us up and remind us that what we see in front of us today will likely look very different tomorrow. The ache of becoming, beautiful in its jaggedness, and the weeping over what will never be again will both be gone, the scars turned into beauty, the tears coalescing into pearls of wisdom and grace. God is making all things new. And thanks be to God for that precious assurance.

MOVING FORWARD: What new thing is God making in your life right now?

PRAY for the Diocese of Kwoi (Nigeria)

Today the Church remembers The Holy Innocents.

Ps 124 | Jeremiah 31:15-17 | Revelation 21:1-7 | Matthew 2:13-18



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