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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for August 28, 2018

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TUESDAY, August 28

Job 6:14 Those who withhold kindness from a friend forsake the fear of the Almighty.

A few days ago, I was attending a social event and was shocked to run into a former friend with whom I’d had a falling out. Suddenly, this person stood in front of me, and I had to make a split-second decision on how to react. So of course, I made the wrong decision. I passed without saying a word, snubbing the person.

Today, I am faced with writing a meditation about withholding kindness from a friend. Go figure. Theologian C.K. Chesterton said that coincidences are spiritual puns, so I hope God is laughing at my ego. 

Pondering my experience with the former friend, I remember my first impulse was to offer a greeting and to seek at least a passing reconciliation. But I denied that holy itch and acted like a jerk instead.

In my psychotherapy education, our professors always told us that if we missed an opportunity to say something insightful to a client, we would always have another chance. Issues don’t just disappear. I hope God gives me another chance with my friend. I’ll be ready this time. 

MOVING FORWARD: How will you make your own heart ready for reconciliation?

PRAY for the Dioceses of Grahamstown (Southern Africa) and Gombe (Nigeria)

Today the Church remembers Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, and Theologian, 430.

Ps 5, 6 * 10, 11 | Job 6:1-4, 8-15, 21 | Acts 9:32-43 | John 6:60-71 



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