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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for January 29, 2019

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TUESDAY, January 29

Mark 6:7 [Jesus] called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over unclean spirits.

Partway through his ministry, Jesus sends his disciples out on their own—in pairs—to spread the good news. How surprised they must be when Jesus hands authority over to them—shepherds and middle managers and fishermen without formal education or credentials. Instead of their day jobs, they are driving out demons and preaching like John the Baptizer.

In The Jesus Storybook Bible, author Sally Lloyd-Jones uses simple words to help children of all ages grasp God’s Word. In telling the story of Jesus calling the disciples, she explains, “The people God uses don’t have to know a lot of things, or have a lot of things—they just have to need [Jesus] a lot.”

When we empty ourselves of ego, worry, and earthly priorities—when we have the courage and insight to say, “Jesus, you are all I need”—the amazing journey of faith truly begins.

MOVING FORWARD: When was the last time you were changed or challenged by the call of the gospel in your life?

PRAY for the Diocese of Luwero (Uganda)

Ps 45 * 47, 48 | Isaiah 48:12-21 |
Galatians 1:18—2:10 | Mark 6:1-13



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