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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for June 29, 2016

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WEDNESDAY, June 29     Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles

Ezekiel 34:15-16a I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep, and I will make them lie down, says the LORD GOD. I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak.

A work dearly and deeply held within the heart of God is healing. But healing is needed on many different levels across the whole of creation. We need physicians and counselors, but we also need those who are called to help heal cultures and societies. We need ecological healers so that we can learn to better care for the created world and maintain healthy and dynamic ecosystems.

Our economic systems are also in desperate need of healing, on a global and local level. Families need healing; systems need healing. The mind, body, and spirit need healing. We are all called to be healers, whatever our work, whatever our vocation. When we begin to see our work as the work of healing, then the texture of our tasks changes.

You are a healer. You are a healer in every context of your existence. See yourself in this way, and let that truth change you and transform our world.

PRAY for the Diocese of Doko (Lokoja, Nigeria)

Today the Church remembers Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles.

Ps 87; Ezekiel 34:11-16; 2 Timothy 4:1-8; John 21:15-19



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