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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for January 3, 2019

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THURSDAY, January 3

John 10:10b I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

In the face of dwindling attendance, many churches respond by enthusiastically pouncing on visitors with radical hospitality—fresh bread, coffee mugs, a schedule of upcoming events, information about the nursery and Sunday School. It’s very nice—for those visiting the church. Yet fewer and fewer Americans are visitors; some studies, including one from the Pew Research Center, say less than 20 percent will ever attend church. Given this reality, our efforts at “welcoming” may be inadequate if we are waiting until people enter the church doors.

I pray we each find the courage to venture outside of our church comfort zones to introduce Christ to others. We can be the hands, feet, ears, and voice of Jesus in the neighborhoods near our church and home, at a homeless shelter or school, or in a coffee shop, grocery store, or even a bar, and extend invitations to worship. Then, we can put the Welcoming Committee on notice—and get those loaves of bread and coffee cups ready!

MOVING FORWARD: As you go about your life this weekend, consider three people you might invite to worship with you next week.

PRAY for the Diocese of Lagos West (Nigeria)

Ps 68 * 72 | Genesis 28:10-22 | Hebrew 11:13-22 | John 10:7-17



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