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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for October 30, 2018

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TUESDAY, October 30

Psalm 47:6-7 Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is King of all the earth; sing praises with all your skill. 

Some scholars believed this psalm was composed when Solomon’s temple was dedicated and the Ark of the Covenant placed in the most holy place. This is an appealing theory, although there is little historic evidence to support it. This psalm is, however, appointed for holy assemblies, and it may indeed have been composed by David to be sung by the Levites when the ark resided in the tabernacle.

Regardless, the psalmist exhorts all nations to worship and praise God. The favor God extends to Abraham is now extended to the whole world. Our response to this grace should be boundless joy. 

The psalmist reminds us God is the ultimate, sovereign ruler of the world with no confined dominion—and there will come a time when all flesh will acknowledge the Living God as such. This vision is a challenge to the world, and until its fulfillment, may we direct constant praise to God with all our skill.

MOVING FORWARD: Sing your favorite song. Invite God to be the only audience, and then sing your heart out. 

PRAY for the Dioceses of Jamaica and North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba (West Indies)

Ps 45 * 47, 48 | Ecclesiasticus 24:1-12 | Revelation 11:14-19 | Luke 11:27-36 



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