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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for April 6, 2013

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SATURDAY, April 6    Saturday in Easter Week

Mark 16:9-15, 20. And they went out and proclaimed the good news everywhere.

Once again the stories of the appearances of Jesus are recounted. From the day at the tomb with Mary Magdalene to the walk to Emmaus, the truth of the Resurrection was told—and still not believed.

Now Jesus and the eleven were sitting around the table and he “upbraided them for their lack of faith and stubbornness” (Mark 16:14). Here I like to imagine Jesus showing his humanity with a little impatience in his voice: Get out there and tell everyone the good news. And don’t be sluggish.

The disciples went out, were not sluggish—and they were not alone. Mark writes that “the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by the signs that accompanied it” (16:19).

Like the disciples, we are not out there on a limb alone, shouting and whispering the good news to friend and foe. Christ is working with us. There are times when he makes his presence known with drums and cymbals, and there are times when he stays in the control booth flipping switches this way and that. We are unaware.

There is never a time we can perform our good works and say, “Look what I did all by myself.”

PRAY for the Diocese of Mumbai (North India)

Ps 118:14-18 or 118:19-24; Acts 4:13-21



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