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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for July 9, 2021

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FRIDAY, July 9

Psalm 16:1b I have said to the Lord, “You are my Lord, my good above all other.”

Something happens occasionally when I am praying with others: a sensation of warmth begins in my stomach and balloons upward through my lungs and out of my mouth until I am smiling uncontrollably and declaring God’s goodness. When I read this psalm, I feel as if the psalmist is in the middle of such a moment, overcome by the Holy Spirit, assured of God’s sufficiency and goodness.

Unfortunately, not all of my prayer sessions feel like a mountain top. When my days become mundane and the struggles of life fill my head, I again find myself looking for happiness apart from God, for rest apart from God, for satisfaction apart from God.

Psalm 16 brings me back to the truth that God offers more than I could ever want, more than I could ever hope for, and certainly more than I could ever deserve. God is the portion and the cup. With God, my body will rest in hope and my spirit rejoice. In God alone will I find the fullness of joy, as we walk along the path of life together.

MOVING FORWARD: When was the last time you felt giddy with joy in prayer? Read Psalm 16 and declare God’s goodness.

PRAY for the Diocese of Delhi (India)

Ps 16, 17 * 22 | 1 Samuel 17:17-30 | Acts 10:34-48 | Mark 1:1-13



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