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The Liturgical Calendar: The Church Remembers

Today the church remembers Saint Andrew the Apostle.

Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter. In fact, he was in part responsible for Peter's call, for he went and "found his brother Simon…and brought him to Jesus" (John 1:41-42). Andrew was a fisherman by trade. He was a follower of John the Baptist before being called by Jesus as a disciple. It was Andrew who told Jesus about the boy with loaves and fishes at the feeding of the five thousand. Andrew also assisted in the distribution of the food on that occasion.

Tradition tells us that Andrew worked among the Scythians, ancient inhabitants of a part of modern Russia. He has long been the patron saint of Russia. Andrew is also the patron saint of Scotland, and the Scottish flag bears the X shaped cross usually associated with him. It is believed that he was bound to such a cross and thus met his death at the hands of angry pagans. Today members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew emulate his action of finding his brother and taking him to Christ. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an informal association of men and boys in The Episcopal Church.

Almighty God, who gave such grace to your apostle Andrew, that he readily obeyed the calling of your son Jesus Christ, and followed him without delay: Grant, we pray, that we, who are called by your holy Word, may offer ourselves in glad obedience to your service. Amen.

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