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Today the church remembers John Mason Neale, Priest, 1866.

The nineteenth century witnessed a reawakening of the catholic spirit of the Church of England and in America. John Mason Neale was one of the prominent leaders in this revival. He was an eminent scholar of history and language, educated at Cambridge University, and for twenty years the Warden of Sacksville College, East Grinsted. He was a patient, modest, and devoted priest. He founded the Sisterhood of St. Margaret, a teaching and nursing order for women, and he weathered the storm of protests which arose over the establishment of it.

Neale was one of the most important hymn writers of the nineteenth century. The Hymnal 1982 contains forty-five hymns either written or translated by him. Among these are such popular songs as “Good Christian men rejoice,” “All glory, laud, and honor,” “Come ye faithful, raise the strain,” and “Christ is made the sure foundation.”

Some of his most impressive publications were Commentary on the Psalms (four volumes, 1864-1870) and History of the Holy Eastern Church (five volumes, 1847-1873). Always concerned about the education of children, Neale also wrote numerous children"s books. John Mason Neale awakened the minds of English and American Christians to the vast depth and breadth of their heritage.

Inspired by John Mason Neale, may we fill our minds with your knowledge and our lips with your praise. Amen.

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Grant, O God, that in all time of our testing we may know your presence and obey your will; that, following the example of your servant John Mason Neale, we may with integrity and courage accomplish what you give us to do, and endure what you give us to bear; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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